Joya: arte + ecología is a non-for-profit organisation. All our activities are made possible by the creative courses run at Los Gázquez and by the generous contribution of different organisations and individuals. Anyone who shares our concerns can contribute to our activities. There are different ways you can help.

All members pay an annual membership fee of 50 euros. Becoming a member means that you will be contributing to opportunities for resident artists in the future. You will also receive our monthly newsletter describing which resident artists are with us at Joya: arte + ecología and what projects they are working on.

Associate members pay an annual fee of 300 euros. Associates can propose artists in residence and contribute to the selection process in deciding which artists proposals are considered most appropriate to the theme of the award.

Any donation is welcome.

You might consider sponsoring a residency for an artist. A typical value of such a residency over a two week period would be €500 (plus tax at 10%) and an additional fee of €400 to pay the recipients travel and material expenses.

If you want to become a Member, an Associate or you just want to make a donation, please contact us at simon(at)